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Secular Prophets

When we ignore prophets in the faith community, do secular prophets fill the gap?

Mud In Your Eye

Here’s mud in your eye… a toast to our pilot project participants. But why a toast?

A Sample Widen Our Imagination Workshop

Why draw pictures?

What Does Clapham Do?

Going Public

Last week, I wrote how a creative minority requires a three-year reorientation before “going public.” Why? The answer has to do with mustard seeds.

A Personal Note

There’s a series of fascinating encounters in 2 Kings 6 that speak to a sharp contrast: the real world that folks inhabited for centuries – and the unreal one that most of us inhabit today.

Good To Be Speechless

Let’s say you’re a Christian. Jack Dorsey shoots you an email, asking for advice. How can Twitter be improved? What do you say?

4-H Club

Many rural millennials feel 4-H Clubs are old-fashioned. That’s how most millennial Christians feel about changing the world, especially through evangelism. And I can’t blame them.

Drunkard Nation

Two days from now, a new administration will be inaugurated. But let’s not entertain false hopes. After Wednesday, most of the US population will probably remain drunkards.