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When Getting Clean is Not Enough

Why did Jesus warn that “getting clean” is not enough?

Hollow People

In days of old it was important to live up to your given name. Logan Lane’s story reminds us that’s not always the case.

The National Crisis of Gen Z

Jonathan Haidt claims something happened “all of a sud­den” around 2013 that led to the national crisis of Gen Z. What happened?

The Artifice of Intelligence

Ever wonder why it’s called Artificial Intelligence?


Temple Grandin believes “neurodivergents” can remedy how our culture got to be so “talky.” I’m curious how many will take her seriously.


A few words this morning regarding some forgotten words by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Enjoying the Higher Literacy

Here’s why Bono seems to be enjoying the higher literacy.

Avoiding The Higher Illiteracy

U2 lead singer Bono once joked, “We started a rock band to avoid college.” No joke. It gave Bono an advantage that few who go to college enjoy.

The Second Day of Christmas

The Second Day of Christmas can remind us of what some of us have forgotten.


How in heaven’s name could a supernova result in the church being one?