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Two Opposing Clouds

Everyone’s familiar with the cloud (cloud computing). Few are familiar with the ancient cloud. That’s a loss, as we forget how the two clouds oppose one another.

Good Babylonian Theology

You know we’re in exile when you discover some good theology in Babylonian literature.

Not Another Small Group

This past year has reminded me of why I’m not drawn to most small groups in a church.

It Ain’t Quite Manna

Many Americans imagine the stimulus money as manna from heaven. It ain’t quite that.

First Fix The Flat

What if woke is a post-Christian version of America’s awakenings? That’d tell us a few things.

Equality Is Not Equity

One of President Biden’s first executive orders confuses a bedrock (and biblical) assumption of our nation’s Founders. But how many noticed?

Secular Prophets

When we ignore prophets in the faith community, do secular prophets fill the gap?

Mud In Your Eye

Here’s mud in your eye… a toast to our pilot project participants. But why a toast?

A Sample Widen Our Imagination Workshop

Why draw pictures?