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Becoming More Evangelical

Thomas Howard passed away in October of last year. He was an evangelical who caused a stir by converting, thereby becoming more evangelical.

Who Will Most Suffer?

With the fall of Afghanistan, will we recognize who suffers the most?


On this day 40 years ago Kathy and I were wed. As the years roll by, we’ve never gotten over the wonder of feeling we over-married.

Killing Ourselves

With the Salk Vaccine, why didn’t we experience widespread social distrust?

Freudian Slip

The New York Times reports that Facebook and churches are partnering to reach more people. But how many readers caught a church planter’s Freudian slip?

For Want of Wonder

During Covid, something G. K. Chesterton said kept coming to mind. I think it helped give me the courage of my convictions.

Encouraging Trends?

For a small but growing group of folks, a post-Christian age doesn’t squelch religious impulses. It intensifies them.

Trying to Squeeze Blood from a Turnip?

Protestant pastors in America report high stress and burnout. Is some of this the result of trying to squeeze blood from a turnip?

Supply Chains

On this holiday weekend America commemorates its war for freedom. But American Christianity would be wise to recall why the British lost that war.

Putting Flesh on the Bones

Publishers often ask writers to put flesh on the bones—to detail just how the writer will tackle the subject. Here’s how American churches can put flesh on the bones.