4-H Club

Many rural millennials feel 4-H Clubs are old-fashioned. That’s how most millennial Christians feel about changing the world, especially through evangelism. And I can’t blame them.

Drunkard Nation

Two days from now, a new administration will be inaugurated. But let’s not entertain false hopes. After Wednesday, most of the US population will probably remain drunkards.

An Extraordinary Year?

This year certainly hasn’t felt ordinary. Then again, if you follow the church calendar, every year has seasons that aren’t supposed to feel ordinary.

The Flesh Was Made Word

The Word was made flesh (Jn.1:14). It happened at Christmas. But over the course of 500 years, we reversed this cardinal tenet. Now it’s The flesh was made Word.

Not Empty After All

Jo Dunkley, a British astrophysicist and Professor of Physics at Princeton, says the solar system is astonishingly empty. The Christmas story tells us otherwise.


God gives us wine to make us happy (Psalm 104:15). Not happy as in getting drunk or tipsy, but happy in a way that depicts the spousal view of salvation.