An African-American friend recently told me he felt we don’t have categories to adequately describe what’s happening in the streets. He’s right. Here’s why.

Poor Diet

It’s difficult for most Americans to understand what is happening in the streets at this time. That’s because most of us have a poor diet.

Cottage Industry

Some 60 percent of workers report being either as productive or even more productive than they were working from the office. Are we seeing a 200-year-old trend being reversed?

Burying The Lead

G. K. Chesterton said we get angry at satire because it’s true. Here’s a satirical story. Might irritate you, but it tells us we bury the lead in the most important story ever told.

A Little Book

C. S. Lewis said we don’t need “more little books about Christianity, but more little books with their Christianity latent.” Here’s a little book that you can help us refine.