The Great Divide (pt.5)

Many American evangelicals cite William Wilberforce and the Clapham Sect as their model. But when we cross over C. S. Lewis’ Great Divide, we wonder why.

The Great Divide (Pt.3)

Systemic racism persists throughout American history, no doubt about it. But it’ll surprise some to learn how the American version of evangelicalism is complicit in this.

The Great Divide (Pt.2)

The British historian A. J. P. Taylor quipped that the Enlightenment is still interesting only to those who are still worried about Christianity. I’m certainly one of them.

The Great Divide

When the first Europeans crested America’s Continental Divide, they discovered two things – what we also discover in cresting what C. S. Lewis called “the Great Divide.”

Zoomed Out

According to Gallup, Americans are experiencing the sharpest drop in perceived well-being on record. Is some of this due to zoom fatigue?