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We Live in a Post-Christian Age

Few Christians understand this

Even fewer know what to do about it

Clapham Institute exists to resource those who recognize we live in a post-Christian age

Clapham Commentary

Mike Metzger


Enchanting the World

March 27, 2023

Some follow-up suggestions that might prevent another Josh Butler fiasco.

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You Can Touch That

March 20, 2023

This morning, a few thoughts on Protestant Evangelicals pillorying pastor Joshua Butler over his essay on sex.

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White Chalk

March 13, 2023

G. K. Chesterton believed white chalk reveals the wonders of chastity.

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Male Boors With Horny Hands

March 6, 2023

If you think C. S. Lewis was sexist, read the last chapter of That Hideous Strength. Just as Jane Studdock is experiencing an epiphany, so is her husband Mark.

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The Morning Mike Check

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Morning Mike Check
Morning Mike Check
Episode 106: Suffering Well
  • Episode 106: Suffering Well

    Episode 106: Suffering Well

    Mar 27, 2023 •

    Does God call us to suffer? If so, how do we suffer well when He does? This is no easy question to answer, but as Mike and I stumble our...

  • Episode 105: The Good Life

    Episode 105: The Good Life

    Mar 13, 2023 •

    Many have an end game, the end of the road, the “good life”. It’s what we pursue, and why we do the things we do. I was curious how Mike...

  • Episode 104: Layoffs

    Episode 104: Layoffs

    Jan 16, 2023 •

    You read about layoffs in the news a lot these days. The surprising headlines of course have been large tech companies many of us thought were insulated from economic challenges....

  • Episode 103: Christmas in Babylon

    Episode 103: Christmas in Babylon

    Dec 26, 2022 •

    What should we expect Christmas to look like in a culture that decreasingly celebrates its true meaning? Do believers today celebrate Christmas the way we ought to? Mike addresses these...



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