We live in a post-Christian society.
Most Christians don’t know
what to do about this. We do.

Resourcing Christians for the next 50 years

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If you believe that Christianity is increasingly irrelevant, there is a solution.

We help Churches and Christians reframe the faith by returning to older faith traditions.

Many Christians sense we’re at the end of a cycle. They want something higher… wider... deeper.

Clapham Institute is your resource provider

The next 500-year cycle could be renaissance and impact if the Western Church returns to pre-Enlightenment faith traditions.

We resource churches seeking to be relevant in an increasingly post-Christian society by reframing the gospel guided by older faith traditions. 

We resource individual Christians seeking to expand their understanding of the faith and live it out to impact their families, workplace, and their city. 

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If your church recognizes the rise of the post-Christian society - including religious “nones” – we’ll help you evaluate what you are currently doing about these trends and begin to direct you on a path forward.

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If you’re seeking a deeper understanding of faith, we can begin to direct you on a personalized path forward.

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Tyler Johnson

Mike Metzger and Clapham Institute have been instrumental in my development as a leader. The organization I lead has been formed by the paradigmatic shifts Mike has led me into. Clapham solves problems through reframing them. The experiences, metaphors and relationship Mike has opened to me have allowed me to scratch the surface of reality….

Laura Marshall

Mike’s work started to influence my thinking and approach to the gospel around ten years ago. I saw how his leadership supported and advanced my husband’s work—but more impressively, Mike’s wisdom has created a space in our marriage to talk and act meaningfully about how to engage culture. His thoughtfulness as a leader and friend…

Pat Brown

I’ve worked with Mike and Clapham Institute for over ten years now. It’s difficult to fathom what my life would look like had Mike not invited me to take a tumble down the rabbit hole with him. Conversation after conversation, workshop after workshop, Mike slowly reframed one problem after another for me. What’s incredible about Mike’s…

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We are innovative resource providers.

We use proven methods like picture-drawing to help you return to proven paths that older church traditions followed in changing the world