World events have exposed business models in need of transformation

Every Business Now Requires Radical Innovation

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Most organizational leaders are insiders

Clapham Institute is your expert outsider

Most organizational leaders are insiders who typically see about 40% of the big picture.  Radical innovation requires seeing more. That’s where we come in.


Clapham Institute helps insiders discover the unseen 60%—the actual systems driving the organization.


Once organizations see the unseen 60%, we then help them establish the most effective infrastructure for a rapidly changing world. They become one of the .1%.

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The most valuable part of the method is objectivity. You simply can’t effectively see outside your own system. Let us help.

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Kori Bohn

The leadership of Clapham Institute through Mike Metzger changed my life. With the help of Clapham Institute, my company Renew Counseling Center was formed in 2005. I wholeheartedly recommend you take the time to engage your mind in this teaching to see where it might take you. I am forever grateful.

Chris Seymour

Our company was growing, however we weren’t using all the tools we needed to be successful. This is where Clapham Institute helped. Mike Metzger has a unique style of refocusing the traditional way of doing business and tapping into areas outside the box. Attending Clapham’s training is well worth the investment. It will literally change the way you view your company.

Greg Marshall

Mike’s writing and personal guidance have inspired me to design a unique product that has now been activated in over 100 companies around the country. He has also influenced and strengthened my contributions to my church as a member of our teaching team. Mike’s insights about human nature and culture making are treasures for leaders who want to make the most of their lives.

Common Questions

It’s difficult to describe in words what can’t be achieved with language. We are expert outsiders who use methods like picture-drawing to determine a path beyond what you’ve already solved, documented, and systematized.