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The Veil Torn in Half

Here’s what the veil torn in half depicts… and why I’m reticent to write about it.

Multiple Meanings

Quantum Theory can widen how we imagine the cross of Christ.

Enchanting the World

Some follow-up suggestions that might prevent another Josh Butler fiasco.

You Can Touch That

This morning, a few thoughts on Protestant Evangelicals pillorying pastor Joshua Butler over his essay on sex.

White Chalk

G. K. Chesterton believed white chalk reveals the wonders of chastity.

Male Boors With Horny Hands

If you think C. S. Lewis was sexist, read the last chapter of That Hideous Strength. Just as Jane Studdock is experiencing an epiphany, so is her husband Mark.

What We’re Saved For

Christians know what they’re saved from. How many know what they’re saved for?

When Getting Clean is Not Enough

Why did Jesus warn that “getting clean” is not enough?

Hollow People

In days of old it was important to live up to your given name. Logan Lane’s story reminds us that’s not always the case.

The National Crisis of Gen Z

Jonathan Haidt claims something happened “all of a sud­den” around 2013 that led to the national crisis of Gen Z. What happened?