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A Third Pod

It turns out C. S. Lewis and Iain McGilchrist are peas in a third pod. This one tells us why some of us often feel suffocated.

Yet Another Pod

Last week we imagined C. S. Lewis and Iain McGilchrist as two peas in a pod. Turns out they share yet another pod, one we could call “the Other.”

Two Peas in Another Pod

If you like C. S. Lewis, you’ll probably like Iain McGilchrist. They’re two peas in a pod.

Two Peas in a Pod

I imagine Bono and C. S. Lewis as two peas in a pod.

A Little; But Not Enough

Disney’s motto “Discover the Magic” reminds us that we live in a post-Christian age.

The Real Side-Chapels

The ongoing debate over Pluto (is it a planet? a small world?) is a sideshow. It deflects our attention from what C. S. Lewis called “the real side-chapels.”

Wheel of Fortune

The different ways we respond to the threat of nuclear war tell us which one of the two Western worlds we inhabit.

Indigenous Slavery Day?

October 10th used to be Columbus Day. Many now call it Indigenous Peoples’ Day. But does this ignore what many indigenous communities worldwide had done for eons?

I’ll Be Gone, You’ll Be Gone

It might be that what John Kay claims is plaguing finance is also plaguing the faith.

Why There’s No Rage

Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson recently asked why Trump doesn’t fill Christians with rage. I can think of one reason.