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Why There’s No Rage

Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson recently asked why Trump doesn’t fill Christians with rage. I can think of one reason.

A Post-Christian “Persuasion”

Few Christians seem to recognize what the Netflix version of Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” signifies. They would if they read one of C. S. Lewis’ lectures.

Saving Your Own Skin

Mitigating our insecurities requires something we rarely seem to hear about.

Livin’ in a Left-Brained World

The president’s debt-forgiveness plan reminds us we’re livin’ in a left-brained world.

An Exact Man

I’m grateful for what began as one-year writing project became two years. The benefit of these two years is becoming I’m becoming more of an exact man.

Original Religion

The authors of a new study say reports of religion’s decline in America have been exaggerated. But what if the study instead says we’re in a post-Christian age?

A Simple Solution to a Systemic Problem

The Christian community would be healthier if it practiced Proverbs 18:17.

Against Life

Does contraception undermine the case against abortion?

The Abolition of Marriage

How many recognize the way in which contraception signals the abolition of marriage?

No Wardrobe

Imagine C.S. Lewis’ story of the lion and the witch… but no wardrobe. Now we can imagine why abortion and same-sex marriage are in the headlines.