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Hollowed-Out Halloween?

Here are two Halloween fairy tales. The first is for adults, the second for children.

The Third Manifestation

If you enjoy people-watching, you’ll likely see the third manifestation of a spell we’re under.

The Second Manifestation

In 2010, Barack Obama described his views on same-sex marriage as “evolving.” That’s the second manifestation of the spell C. S. Lewis said we’re all under.

The First of Three Spells

If you look up at the night sky and imagine you’re peering into space, you’re under a spell.

Under a Spell

A friend of mine recently told me he no longer believes in Christianity. “It’s not real.” I get it. But then I made a rather bold statement, something C. S. Lewis said in 1941.

Mere Pronoun

Would changing a mere pronoun change the abortion debate?

Side Show

As 9/11 fades from public attention, we’d do well to remember jihad is what happens when religion is treated as a side show.

Presumed Innocent

The CBS series Evil ought to remind us there is no dividing line between science and religion.

Becoming More Evangelical

Thomas Howard passed away in October of last year. He was an evangelical who caused a stir by converting, thereby becoming more evangelical.

Who Will Most Suffer?

With the fall of Afghanistan, will we recognize who suffers the most?