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Becoming the Best Poets Possible

We’re God’s poetry. But are we familiar with how we become the best poets possible?

Poetry in Motion

We’d read more poetry if we recognized that we’re God’s poetry, poetry in motion.

The Magician’s Bargain

A moratorium on new A.I. systems? To what end? To consider what?

Changing the World Through Love

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) are good things. But DEI is like trying to change the world through law. There’s a better way: love.

Making My Next Ascent

It took me almost ten years to discover what the meadows of my 60s is about. I’m now 68, prepared to begin the ascent to the meadow of my 70s.

Cut Your Losses… or Deal With Them Later

One day left to file your taxes. Here’s some tax advice from Jesus.

The Veil Torn in Half

Here’s what the veil torn in half depicts… and why I’m reticent to write about it.

Multiple Meanings

Quantum Theory can widen how we imagine the cross of Christ.

Enchanting the World

Some follow-up suggestions that might prevent another Josh Butler fiasco.

You Can Touch That

This morning, a few thoughts on Protestant Evangelicals pillorying pastor Joshua Butler over his essay on sex.