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Can You Stand It?

In reframing who gets into heaven, Dallas Willard widened how we imagine Advent.

More Lost Than We Realize?

Scientists are currently trying to make human eggs outside ovaries. Does this indicate we’re more lost than we realize?

One Way Forward?

Distinctly different frames for history explain why Christians see distinctly different ways forward.

Unintended Consequence

Martin Luther’s legacy includes an unintended consequence.

The First Time-Bomb

In 1999, George Wiegel described the Theology of the Body as a time-bomb. This could be the second time in history that this theology blows things up.

More Leakage of Reality

Daniel Moynihan might feel the way Millennials and Gen-Z view the Hamas terrorist attack illustrates what he called “the leakage of reality from American life.”

The Second Creative Minority

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks said the sons of Judah in Babylonian exile were “history’s first creative minority.” You might be surprised to learn who were the second creative minority.

Savagery and Snowflakes

The savagery of Hamas terrorists this past week stands in sharp contrast to the snowflakes at Harvard.

Deliver Us From Evil

This Tuesday, October 10th, is the 178th anniversary of the founding of the U. S. Naval Academy. So I thought we’d consider why an Academy grad (and good friend) feels American Christianity has gone soft on war and evil.

Gated Communities

According to Tom Holland, the Christian revolution began just outside one of the world’s first gated communities.