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Orienting Our Bodies

Why did the Magi—pagan Babylonians—recognize what most of God’s people did not?

Our Buildings Shape Us

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill was right. Our buildings even shape how we imagine poetry.

The Fairest Hope

When I was nine, my father read a bit of poetry to me. I showed scant interest. Today I have a love for poetry. Here’s why.

What’sa Meta With This?

Mark Zuckerberg says Meta (from the Greek word meaning beyond) “symbolizes that there is always more to build.” Uh, not quite.

Good Vibrations

The Beach Boy’s “Good Vibrations” reminds us that our bodies tell God’s story.

Hollowed-Out Halloween?

Here are two Halloween fairy tales. The first is for adults, the second for children.

The Third Manifestation

If you enjoy people-watching, you’ll likely see the third manifestation of a spell we’re under.

The Second Manifestation

In 2010, Barack Obama described his views on same-sex marriage as “evolving.” That’s the second manifestation of the spell C. S. Lewis said we’re all under.

The First of Three Spells

If you look up at the night sky and imagine you’re peering into space, you’re under a spell.

Under a Spell

A friend of mine recently told me he no longer believes in Christianity. “It’s not real.” I get it. But then I made a rather bold statement, something C. S. Lewis said in 1941.