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Resourcing Those Who Understand the Times

Last week we announced an upcoming change to our blog. Why the change? Sustainability. But there’s a far more important reason. It’s has to do with our tagline.

Kick the Bucket List

If you’re still considering making a New Year’s resolution, try kicking the bucket list.

A Good Goodbye

On January 2nd, my 93-year-old mother passed away peacefully in her sleep. We had a good goodbye, but it required God doing some work on my heart.

My Annual New Year’s Resolution

A few years ago, a friend shared a Bible verse with me that has become my annual new year’s resolution. But it comes with a caveat.

Why “The Word Became Flesh” Matters

More than 110 armed conflicts are currently taking place in the world. They remind us of why “The Word became flesh,” celebrated at Christmas, matters more than ever.

Tacit Preachers

Penitence is one of the aims of Advent. Here’s why it’s a foreign idea to many of us.

Can You Stand It?

In reframing who gets into heaven, Dallas Willard widened how we imagine Advent.

More Lost Than We Realize?

Scientists are currently trying to make human eggs outside ovaries. Does this indicate we’re more lost than we realize?

One Way Forward?

Distinctly different frames for history explain why Christians see distinctly different ways forward.

Unintended Consequence

Martin Luther’s legacy includes an unintended consequence.