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Unborn Lives Matter

The nomination hearings for Amy Comey Barrett will revolve around only one issue. Abortion. There are reasons why this is happening.

Your Kids. And Their Kids. And Their Kids

It feels like the pandemic has slowed down time but it’s just the opposite. It’s fast-forwarded us into a future that few boomers and gen-x seem ready to face.

The Great Divide Video

Up In Flames

I was going to comment on the Jerry Falwell Jr. scandal but then I read Kaitlyn Schiess’ piece in the New York Times. She says it better.

The Great Divide (Pt.7)

Do Christians see a grand opportunity before us? The Great Divide indicates few do.

The Great Divide (Pt.6)

The Great Divide might even explain the inefficacy of America’s anti-racism efforts.

The Great Divide (pt.5)

Many American evangelicals cite William Wilberforce and the Clapham Sect as their model. But when we cross over C. S. Lewis’ Great Divide, we wonder why.

The Great Divide (Pt.4)

The American Continental Divide reminds us that our understanding of history largely depends on which side of C. S. Lewis’ Great Divide we live on.

The Great Divide (Pt.3)

Systemic racism persists throughout American history, no doubt about it. But it’ll surprise some to learn how the American version of evangelicalism is complicit in this.

The Great Divide (Pt.2)

The British historian A. J. P. Taylor quipped that the Enlightenment is still interesting only to those who are still worried about Christianity. I’m certainly one of them.