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Syncing Calendars

Believe it or not, synching calendars with friends, family; even businesses worldwide, is a Christian idea.

I’m No Hero

C. S. Lewis said he believed in Christianity because by it, he saw everything. If you’re a fan of Lewis, does your “everything” include how Christianity introduced a new breed of hero?

What Defines a Generation?

Jean Twenge has written an important book on the differences between America’s five most recent generations. But she overlooks what has defined all generations since Genesis.

A Labor of Love

This past Saturday (September 2nd) of Labor Day weekend marked the 75th anniversary of the death of J. R. R. Tolkien, a man who labored to write The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Why Some Talk This Way

If you like the phrase “the good, the true, the beautiful” yet sense it’s not how people naturally talk, you’re on to something.

 The “Big But” Theory

Does a recent ruling in Massachusetts support the “Big But” theory?


Why is festooning one of the fruits of spiritual formation?

An Occasionally Irrational Rationalist

Even C. S. Lewis, who called himself a rationalist, had his irrational moments.

Getting Beyond Your Head

Getting in touch with the world beyond your head is more difficult than you imagine.

Two Lunchtime Conversations in 1995

To this day, I can vividly remember two lunchtime conversations in 1995. The first conversation changed the trajectory of my life right away. The second took decades.