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False Dilemma

A group of young evangelicals is trying to reframe our polarized political debate. Good for them. Unfortunately, the frame they’re using is a fallacy. It’s a false dilemma.

Why Dinosaurs Are Not On Facebook

Would C. S. Lewis, one of the last dinosaurs to roam the earth, been drawn to Facebook? You’ll feel it’s unlikely after you read what Lewis felt was his best book.

Prophetic Dinosaurs

We don’t typically imagine dinosaurs as being prophetic, but one of the last dinosaurs to roam the earth, C. S. Lewis, predicted our world in 2020.

Where Have All The Justices Gone?

Most evangelicals are happy about Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court Bench. But they ought to also be asking themselves a question.

The Widest Story Ever Told

The gospel is the greatest story ever told because it’s the widest story ever told.

Willful Blindness

Watch the Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma” and you’ll wonder whether most of the tech industry is guilty of willful blindness.

Unborn Lives Matter

The nomination hearings for Amy Comey Barrett will revolve around only one issue. Abortion. There are reasons why this is happening.

Your Kids. And Their Kids. And Their Kids

It feels like the pandemic has slowed down time but it’s just the opposite. It’s fast-forwarded us into a future that few boomers and gen-x seem ready to face.

The Great Divide Video

Up In Flames

I was going to comment on the Jerry Falwell Jr. scandal but then I read Kaitlyn Schiess’ piece in the New York Times. She says it better.