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Trying to Squeeze Blood from a Turnip?

Protestant pastors in America report high stress and burnout. Is some of this the result of trying to squeeze blood from a turnip?

Supply Chains

On this holiday weekend America commemorates its war for freedom. But American Christianity would be wise to recall why the British lost that war.

Putting Flesh on the Bones

Publishers often ask writers to put flesh on the bones—to detail just how the writer will tackle the subject. Here’s how American churches can put flesh on the bones.

Surprise, Surprise

Life’s full of surprises. For example, some folks will be surprised to learn which churches are the best candidate for renewal.

Good Bones

It’s best to renovate homes with good bones. It the same with churches.

Sexual Disenchantment

It figures: Our bodies, especially our sexuality, tell God’s story + we live in a dis-enchanted world = sexual disenchantment. But this equation is promising.

Common-Good Capitalism

Both President Biden and Republican Senator Marco Rubio subscribe to “common-good capitalism.” What then is preventing it from being our reigning model of capitalism?

Force Quit

A Force Quit might be one of the good things that occurred in Covid-19.

The Madness of Crowds

The wisdom of crowds might explain a few things. But the madness of crowds seems to explain much more, including our hot button issues of gender, race, and identity.

Less Is More

The less you speak, the better. God’s warning to teachers of His Word. But why this warning?