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Two Shelves, One World

Two shelves. Even though I had only met Allan that evening, I had heard the storythousands of times before.  He had come to faith at the age of twenty-two.  Raised in a nominally Catholic home, a friend led Allan to faith and he has become an increasingly committed evangelical ever since.  He reads the Bible…

School's Out

In 1991, John Taylor Gatto received the New York State Public Teacher of the Year award.  Most of you are unfamiliar with his name; yet many of you have probably heard of his book, Dumbing Us Down.  Ever since its publication; writers and public officials have repeatedly lamented the “dumbing down” of education, citizenship, media…

Winning in Third Place

Starbucks coffee has repeatedly said they aren’t in the business of selling coffee. Instead, they are winning by coming in ‘Third Place.’ If people of Christian faith understood what is meant by ‘Third Place,’ they might rethink where they put some of their time and energy.