Prescription for Action

The pandemic is daunting but the work of many churches has been amazing. At some point in the future, they ought to ask how they will invest all this hard-earned social capital.

Out Of Business?

Lenin said “there are decades in which nothing happens, and there are weeks in which decades happen.” The last few weeks tell many leaders that the business they were in no longer exists.

What’s At Stake

In The Matrix, Morpheus asks Neo: What is real? When we go further up and further in, we see what’s “real” is the central issue in our post-Christian world.


Mark Twain said “education consists mainly in what we have unlearned.” Unlearning is one of the main reasons why we must go further up and further in.

Going Further In

Every year millions of Americans drink green beer to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I get why green—Ireland, the Emerald Isle. But why beer? And how is beer connected to a missionary like Patrick? The answer lies in Christianity’s often forgotten past.

The Right Metaphor

Iain McGilchrist says Western Christianity is undermining itself. C. S. Lewis said something similar. Both cite the same reason. We’re starting with the wrong metaphor.