Month: August 2015

Hunger Games

If a recent New York Times article describing Amazon’s culture is anywhere close to the truth, Amazon is not a healthy place to work. In fact, it’s more like the Hunger Games.

Hidden in Plain Sight

We continue to debate whether dropping the atomic bombs on Japan hastened the end of the war and saved millions of lives. No one can be certain. Christians can however be confident that subsequent cultural reforms helped save 2,000,000 Japanese souls.

Never Lived Anywhere Else

The longer Kathy and I are married (34 years yesterday), the harder it is to remember being single. C. S. Lewis suggested a similar dynamic at work in heaven, reminding us why marriage is a metaphor for the gospel. But it also raises a troubling question.

Losing A Sense of Taste

Older people occasionally lose their ability to taste food. They lose interest in eating. This is similar to what many younger folks are experiencing, but they’re not losing interest in food. They’re losing interest in the faith.

Indescribably Delicious

Mounds candy bar was originally advertised as indescribably delicious. So good you had to taste it to believe it. Scripture makes a similar claim, but not about candy bars.