Month: August 2013

Good Hands People

“We’re looking for people with clean hands.” A friend recently told me this over lunch. No, he doesn’t work for a Christian organization. His company is however doing the right thing. Clean hands are critical for healthy companies as well as marriages. In fact, they help us make sense of Jesus’ most startling sayings.

Making a Flourishing Marriage

This past week Kathy and I celebrated 32 years of marriage. The last few months have led me to reflect on what makes a flourishing marriage. I’ve coming to appreciate at least three things: quick to confess, a clear conscience, and clean hands.

Getting the Ball Rolling

Why did I tell only Patrick to “leave and cleave?” Our daughter Jennifer and Patrick were wed this past weekend. I had the privilege of officiating the ceremony. In accordance with scripture, I told only Patrick to “leave and cleave.” Do brides get a pass? No. Leaving and cleaving simply gets the ball rolling.