Episode 93: A Refresher in Cultural Capital – Part 4

Morning Mike Check
Morning Mike Check
Episode 93: A Refresher in Cultural Capital - Part 4

Taking cultural capital seriously changed the trajectory of my life and helped me discover a new frame in which I can live out my faith. I thought it might be helpful for Mike and I to revisit this idea, for our audience as well as for me personally. This is a complex topic with many layers. Mike and I will be pulling those layers apart over the next few weeks.

This is the final part in our series and I spent some time recapping my experience following Mike down this rabbit hole of cultural capital. This episode became a good example of what Mike calls “scripting”. As I tease out my experience, Mike picked up on a specific word choice I used and we spent time unpacking the non-conscious influences shaping that word choice. It’s an example of the regular conversations Mike and I enjoy.

Books mentioned in this episode:

Joy at Work: A Revolutionary Approach To Fun on the Job – Dennis W. Bakke

The Metaphysical Club: A Story of Ideas in America – Louis Menand

The Master and His Emissary – Iain McGilchrist

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