Episode 116: Tensions

Mike and I continue down the rabbit whole of attention, but from a different angle in this conversation. We actually start out discussing tensions and end up overlapping with our last conversation about attention. Tensions are helpful in pulling us beyond ourselves and what we pay attention to, has a certain effect on us.

Episode 112: Contentment

This week Mike and I discuss contentment and what is has to do with godliness. Paul mentions in 1 Timothy 6 that godliness with contentment is great gain. What does that imply? Does the call to contentment mean we should accept our circumstances and stop looking to change them?

Episode 110: Poetry

As Mike has been writing about poetry lately I thought it would be good to bring that into our conversations. In today’s conversation we talk about just that – poetry. We look at how it relates to human nature and widens our faith.

Episode 109: Feelings

In my spheres, I’ve picked up on this underlying notion of feelings being “valid”,  “real”, and therefore “true”. Yet I have found myself qualifying my own statements with, “this might not be how I should be feeling, but I feel…” I was curious if this self suspicion had merit and related to some of the…