Month: June 2013

Lagging Cultural Indicator (Pt. 2)

Two years ago I wrote about how words are a lagging cultural indicator. We measure economies by leading and lagging indicators. Cultures work the same way. David Brooks recently wrote about what our words are telling us. They’re telling us a lot.

Hot Bods

Let’s face it. Stewardship is not the church’s strong suit. Surveys indicate Christians tithe between two and three percent of their income. Pretty anemic. George Barna says the biggest culprit is the lack of a compelling vision. He’s right. The good news is that it’s wedding season. At almost every ceremony we see the compelling …

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A Big Enough Why

Friedrich Nietzsche believed he who has a why can endure any how. Over the last half century, American industriousness – i.e., the ability to endure hard work – has declined. Most workers today lack a big enough why. Try this one on for size.