Month: June 2012

Graphic Novel (pt. 6)

She blurted an answer… and then blushed. What a shame. We know a couple getting married this weekend. They’ve been chaste but when the bride blurted “I can’t wait to have sex with him!” eyebrows went up. She blushed, but shouldn’t have. She was sharing the graphic gospel. It says the essence of chastity is …

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Graphic Novel (pt. 5)

When Coroebus won the first event of the first Olympic Games, he received an olive branch. He had trained for one month and passed an exam attesting that he was of the right moral fiber. Within 50 years, morally upright Olympic athletes performed naked. The London Olympics begin July 27. Athletes no longer perform naked, …

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Graphic Novel (pt. 4)

In summertime, families flock to the beach and church attendance flags. That’s not entirely healthy, but it’s not a total loss. The gospel is preached every day on the beach. It’s manifest in a mystery explaining why women’s breasts act like a magnet for men.

Graphic Novel (pt. 3)

American attitudes toward same-sex marriage are shifting. This presents a challenge for those who see marriage differently. Some try to reverse this trend by rebutting the arguments for same-sex marriage. It’s better to make better marriages. But this requires heeding an ancient warning as well as embracing a better faith.