Month: September 2007

Coming Ashore

Saving Civilization? In the mid-500s, missionaries from Ireland boarded small boats and began to come ashore in Britain and Europe. The once great Roman Empire had long ago gone dark. The great texts of classical Western civilization had largely been destroyed by the hordes of barbarians that had breached Rome’s borders. It was left to …

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Hire a prophet. Profits are like breathing, says Max DePree, former head of Herman Miller, Inc. They aren’t the goal of business. They are, however, pretty good evidence of whether or not an enterprise is alive. Prophets are another indicator of health. That’s right – prophets. Marshall McLuhan said every institution needs something like them.

Cocoa Krispies Christianity

I ate seven bowls of Cocoa Krispies one evening at summer camp. If you had asked me why, I would have said, I wanted to. I didn’t know it then, but I was depicting how God made us to live according to the “four-chapter” gospel.

Labored Day

No Labor Day. If you love Labor Day you might not enjoy heaven that much. But don’t worry. Anyone can acquire a taste for eternity. The key is unpacking the origins of Labor Day, work and holidays. It also requires changing the way we imagine heaven.