Pat Brown

I’ve worked with Mike and Clapham Institute for over ten years now. It’s difficult to fathom what my life would look like had Mike not invited me to take a tumble down the rabbit hole with him. Conversation after conversation, workshop after workshop, Mike slowly reframed one problem after another for me. What’s incredible about Mike’s work with Clapham is that it doesn’t “change your life” in the typical fashion we expect today; it’s not about breaking habits and working on positive thinking. Working with Mike reinvigorates, restores, and builds a foundation for you that re-explains most things you thought you once knew. We all have that list of things in our mind we know we ought to do or be doing in life. Mike helps you understand why those things exist and what you can do about them. For me, the picture finally came together. My marriage was restored, my work renewed, my ambitious pride replaced with humble stewardship. Working with Mike and Clapham is the great adventure you can’t come back from; it will ruin your life in the best way possible.