Kori Bohn

The leadership of Clapham Institute through Mike Metzger changed my life.  The monthly meeting I got to be a part of for three years and reading various books/articles expanded my worldview to a broader scope and helped me to understand how to incorporate my calling much more effectively than the once black and white, sacred and secular lens I saw from.  This process involved just as much unlearning as it did learning. Through the Clapham Institute and the community that was attending these meetings with me, my company Renew Counseling Center was formed in 2005. Renew has developed an excellent reputation for individuals, no matter what background to come and receive healings from one of its now 20 clinicians.  I am humbled that 1000’s of individuals have come to Renew for hope and healing and am overwhelmed to this day by the generosity of time, talents and treasure of others, much like the Clapham Sect, to make this happen. I wholeheartedly recommend you take the time to engage your mind in this teaching to see where it might take you. I am forever grateful.